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Farm Site Description - Citrus Bluffs

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

The pilot project site is located in the town of Kokofu-Essiase, Bekwei District of Ghana. This location is one hour drive south of the City of Kumasi in the Ashanti region and 30 minutes drive to Lake Bosomtwe. The site sits upon 28 acres of land with hilly topography, covered with 22 acres of orange trees, 2 acres of banana, and 6 acres of uncultivated lands which will be used for farm operations and a local garden. Three hundred (300) coconut trees were planted around the perimeter to clearly define the boundary line. Coconuts from these trees will be harvested for 3 – 5 years and will produce consistently for 20+ years. Sugarcane, pawpaw, and other tree species were also planted on the land to be used in various aspects of the operation. An example would be the use of sugarcane, mixed with fish guts, to help with the emulsification for crop fertilizer development.

Site topography Our farm is neither even nor flat. It has hills, valleys and streams as you can see in the aerial image and video below.

Aerial view of the site In some parts, the top soil was depleted due to uncontrolled erosion or excessive use of inorganic fertilizers. This is the reason we decided to plant cover crops, and prepare compost manure for the soil to regenerate. We have also planted more crop and animal species to boost biodiversity.

Sounds of the Site



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