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Our Learning Program

Based on sustainable crop and livestock production

​Program Objectives:

PFG’s mission of contributing to Ghana’s Food System development begins on the ground with the proper education of rural smallholder farmers, especially women. We base our program on the technical and soft-skills a farmer would need to produce/increase the production and distribution of value-added crops and livestock. 


Our Training Model Includes:

  1. Climate-smart and regenerative land and soil preparation and maintenance practices

  2. Using sustainable planting and maintenance techniques to include water preservation 

  3. Leveraging low-cost technology to boost efficiency, yield, and profitability.

  4. Harvest and post-harvest activities to include value-addition (processing, packaging, and preservation)

  5. Establishing Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards (SPS) through food production, processing, and packaging

  6. International requirements, certifications, and standards to expand market access

  7. Agripreneurship and soft skills development 

  8. Regional and international market identification and distribution strategies

Farmer Trainees
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