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Your Gateway to Africa

Gateway connects purpose-driven individuals, organizations, and businesses with Africa through Ghana. 

Established by Steven McDonnough, a global business professional specializing in U.S./Africa trade and development related activities for more than 10 years, Gateway streamlines access to the Continent in the areas of business, travel, and philanthropy. Through Gateway initiatives, the organization helps members go from idea to action and provides a community, access, and resources to support member objectives. Gateway is an evolution of YoungProGlobal, a global networking organization established in 2008 to provide professional, social, and philanthropic experiences for members and their communities.

Africa Through Gateway

Vision: To create a network of opportunities for members to collaborate in support of Africa’s development.

Mission: To connect purpose-driven members seeking professional, social, and philanthropic engagements with Africa through Ghana.

Member Qualities: Purpose-driven, Collaborative, Trustworthy, Integrous, and Generous.

Solutions for a Changing World

There is increased interest in African engagement, but with limited options to bridge the gaps between the U.S. and Africa: 

  • many individuals suffer from minimal relationships and access to the people, culture, and traditions of the Continent; 

  • many businesses suffer from missed opportunities to engage in commercial activities due to the lack of knowledge, tools, resources, and the connectivity to the Continent;

  • Many community-supporting organizations suffer due to lack of access to vetted potential partners with shared visions or objectives across the Continent. 


Gateway will provide solutions for these U.S. based groups through education, connections, and real-time opportunities for expansion using a combination of professional development events, trade missions and experiences, and access to the programs and professionals to get to the next level based on the following activities:

  • Virtual and in-person sessions related to international trade, educational resources, traveling, networking, and most importantly positive impact to economic development for members in the U.S. and in Ghanaian communities.

  • Interviews and access to industry experts and business leaders, traditional leaders, and organizations on the ground to enable members glean from their experience and knowledge, to make better decisions that elevate their work as they engage with the continent.

  • An eLearning platform allowing members to learn various aspects of establishing and/or investing in viable enterprises in Ghana.  

**The Gateway virtual platform is still under development, with full launch in April 2023. There are limited $97 charter member spaces available, so take advantage and join today!**

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