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Food System Development + Cross Border Knowledge Transfer = Sustainable Rural Development

PFG’s Sustainable Development Model

ProFarms Gateway is catalyzing rural development in Ghana by developing the local food system with international resources and practices, where actors are seamlessly integrated for increased efficiency and accelerated overall growth.


1. ProFarms Gateway

Food system coordinator with a mission to develop and expand local and global agriculture value chains.


2. International Partners

Strategic partners to PFG that support all aspects related to the science and business of agriculture by providing access to international research and methods, manufacturers, distributors, service providers, logistics and foreign buyers.


3. Sustainability Enthusiasts

Foreign supporters and investors of smart agricultural value chain development who want to ensure decent and sustainable income for rural farmers, facilitate skills transfer, brain gain and develop the climate adaptive capacity.


4. Rural Farmers (Women)

Women farmers make up over 40% of the agriculture workforce and are critical to a family’s wealth. Participation in the food system provides access to capacity development and education schemes that focus on improving their yields and income.


5. Future Leaders (Youth)

The youth population is experiencing high rates of urban migration mostly due to the abysmal infrastructures and resources in the rural areas. Creating attractive employment opportunities for the educated youth will keep their talents where it’s needed most.


6. Colleges & Universities

Colleges, universities, and polytechnics should lead the development of innovative and practical solutions, draft and train talents, and conduct related research to support rural farmer education.


7. Government Resources

Providing food system actors access to the full suite of U.S. Government services to guide businesses as they identify partners, advance opportunities, close deals, remaining compliant, and increase the probability of success for their ventures.


8. Support Service Providers

These are organizations and individuals that provide complementary services within the food system to create a wholesome experience for our community members. Their services enable larger transactions on the ProFarms platform.


9. Investors / Donors

This includes individual donors, angel investors, philanthropic organizations and established impact investments funds who are looking to make an impact in Africa and close inequality gaps by developing rural communities.


10. Buyers / Consumers

To support the Feed the Future initiative, the food system will increase the quality and standards of food production in Ghana and attract American agriculture importers to buy the products produced by farmers within the network.


Sellers are mission-driven companies created by sustainability enthusiasts that have completed our educational programs or worked closely with our team to produce products that meet our strict qualities and standards.

11. Sellers / Enterprises

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