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The Team

Who We Are


Dr. Jacqueline McDonnough

Co-Founder & Board Chairwoman

Jacqueline is a retired associate professor of Science Education with over 30 years of experience in science education and scientific research spaces. Her career has encompassed a variety of roles that align with her passion for the natural sciences and improving the classroom experience for diverse students. Dr. McDonnough is a lifelong advocate of Earth-friendly practices and the rights of marginalized people. Since retirement she has been translating her passions and academic knowledge into finding tangible solutions for the current climate crisis through her support of regenerative farming initiatives in Ghana.  

Location – Richmond, Virginia, USA

McDonnough, CGBP

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Steven McDonnough is a Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) with more than 15 years of experience in financial planning and international business management. Steven is the co-founder of a US-based international trade and project development company with clients ranging from U.S. government contractors to emerging market developers seeking off-grid infrastructure (renewable energy/water) solutions. Mr. McDonnough holds a B.A. and Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning from Virginia Commonwealth University. Since 2013, Steven has witnessed the scale of Ghana’s technology and development gap, inspiring his dream to facilitate rural development by bridging the knowledge gap between the U.S. and Africa.

Location – Accra, Ghana


Management Team

The PFG management team consists of cross-functional experts in trade and development, agricultural research, education, media, engineering and construction, technology, and sustainable development. The team uses emerging modern strategies and procedures through extensive research and strategic planning to grow and achieve the mission of agricultural development.

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