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ProFarms Participates at US/Africa Leaders Summit

Activity Report

ProFarms Gateway, represented by Director of Communications Naomi McDonnough, participated in President Biden's U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit where he hosted leaders from across the African continent in Washington, DC on December 13-15, 2022.

The Summit demonstrated the United States’ enduring commitment to Africa, and underscored the importance of U.S.-Africa relations and increased cooperation on shared global priorities.

Africa will shape the future — not just the future of the African people, but of the world. Africa will make the difference in tackling the most urgent challenges and seizing the opportunities we all face.

President Biden outlined in the U.S. Strategy Toward Sub-Saharan Africa, with African diaspora is a source of strength. The African and Diaspora Young Leaders Forum elevated diaspora engagement to strengthen the dialogue between U.S. officials and the diaspora in the United States and provide a platform for young African and diaspora leaders to fashion innovative solutions to pressing challenges. The Forum featured breakout sessions on higher education, the creative industries, and environmental equity, utilizing the theme ‘‘Amplifying Voices: Building Partnerships That Last.’’

As it relates to food security, the U.S. government will continue to work with local governments and agricultural organizations throughout the continent to reduce global hunger and invest in agricultural resilience and innovation. One U.S. program, called Feed the Future, recently expanded in Africa, and now 16 of the current 25 Feed the Future countries are in sub-Saharan Africa.

“There is so much more for African nations and the United States to do together across so many fields, including some we may not even have discovered yet,” Secretary Blinken said. “As partners, that horizon is ours to make.”

The Forum was held in person on December 13, 2022.



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