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Citrus Bluffs

Citrus Bluffs is our demonstration farm located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The site is one hour drive south of the City of Kumasi and sits upon 30 acres of land with hilly topography, covered with 22 acres of orange trees, 2 acres of banana trees, a boundary line of 300 coconut trees, and 6 acres of uncultivated lands used for farming and hospitality operations.

The farm consists of various sections of blocks. Among them will be a 200m semi-circle artificial lake, interspersed blocks of trees and fruit species, and cash and food crop blocks including livestock.

Agriculture Technology Aggregation Centre

The site is used as an Agriculture Technology Aggregation Centre (AgTAC), providing practical training in modern and sustainable farming practices to ensure consistent service, programming, and amenities across all future sites. We will also use this farm as a “showroom” to enable U.S. exporters to display their technology and agriculture-related products and services in Ghana.

Citrus Bluffs is in a natural rural environmental setting and does not have easy access to grid power or district water. We are incorporating off-grid infrastructure solutions and structures to bring renewable energy and clean water to the site. We are also using containerized and modular building structures for residential, commercial, recreational, manufacturing, and processing uses, purpose-built to meet all international standards, qualities, and local authorities’ regulations. Incorporating modular structures for all aspects of the site’s operation uses a “containerized village” concept that is more sustainable, less costly, and will better control build-out quality standards.

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