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Support Frontline Farmers To Combat Climate Change & Transform Futures

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A gateway to more sustainable futures. #profarmsfeeds

ProFarms Gateway (PFG) is a non-profit charitable organization with NGO operations in Ghana, established to provide regenerative agriculture and climate-smart skills and development training to rural youth and women, with emphasis on alternative livestock feed production to support workforce development in Ghana.

Regenerative & Sustainable Agriculture

We train on regenerative agriculture and climate-smart principles - farming in harmony with nature - using agripreneurship, agritech, and agri-ecotourism as mediums to equip rural trainees with the pre-requisite tools and experiences to increase employability and combat climate change in Ghana.

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Agriculture Technology Aggregation Center

We are developing an Agriculture Technology Aggregation Center (AgTAC) to provide visitors and trainees access and exposure to the possibilities within the agriculture sector that will expand their knowledge and perspectives, while providing the tools necessary to spark innovation.


Agri-Ecotourism Experiences

In Ghana, tourism is one of the fastest growing industries. It provides many employment options for women and youth and has low barriers to entry for entrepreneurs seeking to gain access to the market. Our programs promote rural tourism and local cultural experiences.

ProFarms Gateway 2022 Year in Review

Help us transform the lives most effected by climate change


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